Global Executive Search within Fashion, Outdoor & Sportswear.


Our methodology has been designed from the ground up to deliver positive results.

Summary of our Search process:

  • Stage 1 - Client Meeting / Job Brief
  • Stage 2 - Research
  • Stage 3 - Approaching the Talent 
  • Stage 4 - Competency Based Behavioural Interviews
  • Stage 5 - The Shortlist
  • Stage 6 - Client Interviews
  • Stage 7 - Offer to Completion
  • Stage 8 – 100 Day Review 
Shortlist Document
Our Shortlist is designed with our clients in mind - typically each Shortlist includes 3-5 original candidate CV's (we don't edit them) with our report on their Competencies, Drivers & Insights. Finally we include an Executive Summary on each individual along with our recommendations & any concerns. 
We understand some projects do not require this level of reporting detail, therefore we also offer a streamlined version and we will agree which reporting style you prefer upon commencement of each project.  
Search Duration
Typically one of our searches takes approx 5-6 weeks from commencement to Shortlist (stage 5) however we can deliver more quickly when time is of the essence.

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