Search Process

Our methodology has been designed from the ground up to deliver positive results.

Summary of our Search process:

Stage 1 - Client Meeting / Job Brief
Stage 2 - Research
Stage 3 - Approaching the Talent
Stage 4 - Competency Based Behavioural Interviews
Stage 5 - The Shortlist
Stage 6 - Client Interviews
Stage 7 - Offer to Completion
Stage 8 – 100 Day Review
Shortlist Document
Our Shortlist is designed with our clients in mind - typically each Shortlist includes 3-5 original candidate CV's (we don't edit them) with our report on their Competencies, Drivers & Insights. Finally we include an Executive Summary on each individual along with our recommendations & any concerns. 
We understand some projects do not require this level of reporting detail, therefore we also offer a streamlined version and we will agree which reporting style you prefer upon commencement of each project.  
Search Duration
Typically one of our searches takes approx 5-6 weeks from commencement to Shortlist (stage 5) however we can deliver more quickly when time is of the essence.


"Fusion was able to find qualified candidates and created the excitement required for our position."

Mike Wallenfels - VP Sales - Hydro flask